ARTIST: Toby Paddock
TITLE: IMUF_008 - Impractical Methods for Unneeded Functions #8 aka 4x4x4 Little
Neon Blink-O-Grid
MATERIALS: Neon lamps, resistors, capacitors, wire, solder, and electricity
DIMENSIONS: 15" x 15"
DATE: 2005

Little blinky neons. They were more common 50 years ago and new technology 100 years ago. At the center of a diamond shaped wire frame is a 4x4x4 grid of fast blinking mini neon bulbs. Power to the grid flows through 16 very slow blinking neons which provide "wobbularity" to the grid blink pattern. The patterns are lightly chaotic: not pre-programmed, but not quite random. Very very simple circuits. Neon gas is the only active circuit element and generates the timing, switching, and light. No circuit boards, microprocessors, logic, programming, silicon, or solid state anything.

Toby Paddock is an amateur electronics & sound tinkerer, odd controllers for analog music synthesizers enthusiast, blinky light watcher, and field recordist. Enjoys connecting things to other things. Can not play even one song on any instrument.

Toby Paddock
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