ARTIST: W. Scott Trimble
TITLE: Moving Pictures
MATERIALS: Glass plates, metal, mechanical components, wood
DIMENSIONS: 60" h x 24" w x 24" d
DATE: 2004-2005

Moving Pictures is a kinetic sculpture that shows the very, very slow movement of images superimposed upon one another. The images are on glass plates. Each glass plate has a different image. This culmination of images completes a single image, except that since the images on the plates are in a very slow, constant movement, the composition is always changing. The moving picture is aided by a light source, illuminating the changing images. The slow movement is generated by a custom made gearbox that generates a incredibly slow rate of speed. The gearbox drives articulating arms that move the image-imposed glass plates back and forth. The viewfinder will is an ornate baroque-styled gilded picture frame that the viewer peers through to see the moving picture, pushing a button to make the sculpture engage for a predetermined amount of time.

I have always had a fascination for the contrast between industry, nature, figure, and machine. Much of my work has dealt with the notion of the influence of technology over our lives, posing the question whether or not technology has given us more freedom. I am continually interested in interactive art and work that is created for the public context.

W. Scott Trimble
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