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ARTIST: Christopher O'Dowd

TITLE: Spark Gap Organ

previous work by Chris O'Dowd

MATERIALS: Metal, custom circuitry, lots of electricity.

DIMENSIONS: 24" x 40" x 29"

DATE: 2007

DESCRIPTION: Spark gaps tuned to specific notes are "played" by the user via a custom-made keyboard and high-voltage transistors.

STATEMENT: Christopher O'Dowd is currently a sophomore at DeVry in Federal Way, Washington, studying electronics and telecommunications. High voltage and other very bad ideas have always drawn him in. Past projects have included Jacob's ladders made of old oil heater transformers and coat hangers, an electromagnet linear mass driver and a growing collection of small BEAM robots. He is an active member of Dorkbot Seattle and a verteran of the previous two People Doing Strange Things with Electricity shows.

Christopher O'Dowd
Seattle, WA


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