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ARTIST: Marcell Marias

TITLE: Solar

photo of the piece

MATERIALS: Boeing Surplus Stainless Steel and Aluminum, Rice Paper, LEDs, DVD player with LCD monitor.

DIMENSIONS: 2' x 6' x 3'

DATE: 2007

DESCRIPTION: "Solar" is one of three lightsculptures reflecting the importance and potential of natural energies around us. The design is a stylized radiant sun cut out of Boeing stainless steel. Rice paper covers the rays and allows a soft glow to emerge from within, where an array of energy-efficient LEDs backlight the piece. In the middle, a portable DVD player with LCD monitor displays video of the sun as imaged by a NASA satellite. An original electronic sound design element playing through the DVD player's internal speakers complements the churning sun.

STATEMENT: I utilize light, sound, moving imagery, and sculpture to produce work that's aesthetically pleasing and thought provoking. My lightsculptures glow in dark spaces, conjuring a step closer and a peek into the looking glass, where mysteries tease or answers illuminate. Sustainability plays a big part in my choice of materials as well as the subject matter for my pieces.

Marcell Marias
Seattle, WA
info AT


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