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ARTIST: Michele Boland

TITLE: Alien Karaoke

MATERIALS: LEDs, computer monitor, loudspeakers and custom input devices.

DIMENSIONS: 4' x 6' floor area

DATE: 2007

DESCRIPTION: The work consists of 4 separate "components". The user interface is a music stand like device with a screen and two levers. This is a rugged stand and the controls are designed to resist damage. This is connected via cable to a separate "controller". The controller contains a small "PC" in a protective box. This box sits at the base of the controller stand and will be hardened to resist inadvertent damage. The final two components are a pair of light towers. These are placed opposite of each other on each side of the controller stand. Their light arrays are aimed at the intended viewing location in front of the controller stand. These stands are connected to the controller via cables. Cables will be covered to prevent accidental damage. The only external connection is the power cord from the controller. The power requirements are any standard 117 volt wall outlet.

STATEMENT: This piece is a whimsical interactive piece based on the fictional premise of an alien device recovered from the Roswell crash. After extensive research scientist determined the actual purpose of some of the mysterious devices recovered. This work is a working duplicate of one of those devices. The Alien karaoke machine. This piece will use light and color instead of sound. Users will select from a list of "Alien" songs. Once a song is shown the color and intensity progression of the song just as the lyrics are shown in normal karaoke. The viewer uses two simple controls to control two light stands that flood the view in the color of light at the intensity they have chosen. When the "song" has been completed the device will "score" the viewers performance with a brief light show.

Michele Boland
Seattle, WA
michele_bb AT


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