Art or craftsmanship? Duchamp declared that anything the artist produces is art. How anybody draws that line is not my business. I just make the stuff.

I create things that interest me. My pieces are usually not social, political or religious statements (At least, not that I am aware of!). I make things simply because I like to make them.

I am often inspired by things I see in nature; a coral reef, tropical flowers, complex molecules, even microbes. My hope is that anybody who sees my work will feel some of the wonder and appreciation I feel when I see those things.

Almost everything I create is interactive. What does that mean? Almost everything I make responds to touch! Touch the glass and see! Brightness increases. Colors change. Patterns, behaviors, and motions change. It's never the same reaction twice.

I plan to keep making Neon Art and trying to find new ways to use glass and light in my artistic efforts. I also plan to keep on with my High Voltage silliness by making ever more powerful and insane machines. One day I hope to be able to really shock the heck out of any people crazy enough to come and see my projects!

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