people doing strange things with electricity

dorkbot-sea would like to thank:
        - Seattle's Center on Contemporary Art for giving us a permanent home and exhibition space
        - University of Washington Department of Digital Arts and Experimental Media: fantastic
           BFA and PhD programs in technology arts
        - Lane Czaplinski of On The Boards
        - Proline Audio Visual for a kind discount on equipment rental
        - Peter Mitchell at Seattle's 911 Media Arts Center for screening opportunities
        - Otis Fodder of Comfort Stand Records for the opportunity to release PDSTWEToo on his Net Label
        - Electrician extraordinare Phil Romer of PWRConsulting Inc. for selfless electrical assistance
        - David Peterman of Burning Man Seattle for liaison with the Northwest burner community

Local organizations supporting art and/or technology initiatives :
        - Center on Contemporary Art - Seattle's premiere venue for experimental contemporary art
        - Consolidated Works - gallery, theatre, film, performance and exhibition space
        - Polestar Music Gallery - outstanding experimental music venue
        - 911 Media Arts Center - dedicated to film, video and all things media
        - Capitol Hill Arts Center - vibrant new team creating a vibrant new space; early dorkbot supporters
        - Henry Art Gallery - Lee Bul! James Turrell! The Henry is way cool
        - Sand Point Arts and Cultural Exchange (SPACE) - an incredible facility
        - Weird Science Salon - Bill Beaty's nexus for Seattle's maddest scientists
        - Burning Man Seattle - BM regional contact David Peterman's locus for Northwest Burners
        - Seattle Robotics Society - building robots in Seattle for 22 years
        - SoniCabal - free-form collective of rule-bending musicians and sound manipulators
        - Pratt Fine Arts Center - the only arts education facility of its kind in the US, right here in town
        - Intel Research Seminar Series - regular lectures on technology-focused subjects
        - University of Washington Department of Digital Arts and Experimental Media: unique and
           extraordinary BFA and PhD programs in technology arts

Local resources for your art and technology needs:
        - Science, Art and More Inc. - a science, math and art educational mecca
        - House of Science - parts, smarts and repairs; everything from equipment to consulting
        - UW Surplus Store - palettes full of laptops, great auctions, hard-to-find store
        - Boeing Surplus Store - everything you need that Boeing doesn't
        - Pacific Industrial Supply - everything you needed but didn't wake up in time to get at auction
        - Central Welding Supply - welding needs met and questions answered
        - Westlake Electronic Supply - this is the place, especially if the HoS ain't got it
        - Gaspo - Scott Gasparian knows everything you need to know about LEDs and microcontrollers
        - Display & Costume - all spangly things start life here; glue-guns galore
        - Utrecht - reasonably-priced art supplies
        - Daniel Smith Art Supplies - not-so-reasonably-priced art supplies, but more of 'em
        - UW Bookstore Art Dept. - open student hours
        - Pacific Fabrics & Crafts - founded by the Pacific Iron and Metal Company in 1917; great prices
        - Seattle Pottery Supply - enough to drive you to pot

Further afield - online fodder for your inner dork:
        - dorkbot central - if Douglas Irving Repetto is Dr. Frankenstein, here be the monsters
        - Creative Commons - share your work with integrity
        - Internet Archive - digital library of Internet sites and other cultural artifacts in digital form
        - Open Source Initiative (OSI) - all about open source
        - The Long Now Foundation - 10,000-year projects of extraordinary cultural scope and meaning
        - - Defends the right to teach evolution in schools
        - Survival Research Laboratories (SRL) - there can be only one
        - Artbots - annual robot talent show in NYC
        - Negativland - learn from learn from the ma learn from the ma ma learn from the masters
        - - heaven for cultural recyclers
        - Experiments in Art and Technology (E.A.T.) - they did it all before, in 1966
        - Burning Man - get your just deserts
        - Rotten - "The soft white underbelly of the net"; parental caution etc. etc.

If you'd like to add a link to an organization or resource, local or otherwise,
just email Kate Seekings at dorkbotsea [@] dorkbot [.] org