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Images from Karen Marcelo
Images from Sam Coniglio
Images from Scott Beale / LaughingSquid

Tony Parisi's slides: Vi z Populi: 3D in the Web Browser Fer Realz

DocPop performs Mobius Strip Tease from his Beeps and Smudges (download here)
Crashfaster performs NIN's Closer download his 'album' Disconnect here

7:30pm Wednesday
18 May 2011

GAFFTA (Gray Area Foundation for the Arts)
998 Market St (corner of Market & Taylor)

Refreshments from @GrilledCheezGuy (grilled cheese, soup shots, grilled pound cake with buttercream)

Donations ($5-$20) to the space much appreciated. No one turned away for lack of funds


Doc Pop - The Portable Art Studio

For Doc Pop, what started off as an artistic exercise, has become a full fledged passion for making art with apps and an iPhone. Hear about the challenges and rewards of creating art exclusively on mobile devices.

Doctor Popular is a game designer and artist who lives in San Francisco. He released his first all iPhone album, Beeps and Smudges, last fall and is 6 months in to his "Daily App Experiment" photography project. Doc has dj'd at clubs like the DNA Lounge using just an iPad and was one of the first street performers to busk with iOS devices.

Crashfaster - Chip Music 101

An introduction to modern chip music, current artists and popular tools for music creation

Crashfaster is a chip musician hailing from San Francisco, California. He combines the chipsets of a Gameboy, NES and C64 with the analog beats of an 808/909 and vocoded lyrics to craft his sound. Crashfaster founded and runs 8bitSF (, a Bay Area organization that showcases the best chip music artists in the country, and has played host to the likes of Anamanaguchi, Nullsleep, Trash80, Glomag and more.

Mitra - Scalable Innovation to Meet Basic Needs

Why is it that more people have access to mobile phones, than clean water? How can innovators take the internet's rapid growth and apply problem solving abilities to the billion people without access to reliable power, clean water, secure food, waste disposal etc. How can we scale solutions to the size of the problem, rather than the size of the budget. Natural Innovations works with innovators with high impact innovations for, or in, developing countries.

Mitra Ardron was involved in the early days of the internet, founded an ISP in 1985 (yes there was email in those days!) and co-founded the Association for Progressive Communications that pioneered the internet into developing countries. He was involved in early apps (Gopher, WAIS); standardisation efforts (HTTP, URL, VRML) and internet startups (Pandora, Paragraph, AOL, Worlds Inc). He now lives in Australia, but spends most time on the road than at home, working with cool people with a mission to create a real impact.

Tony Parisi - Viz Populi! 3D In the Web Browser For Realz

VRML is dead, long live WebGL! They finally built 3D into the web browser. Now what do we do with it?! Tony attempts to sweep 15 years of history under the rug and tell you why you should really care about the 3D in the browser this time around.

Tony Parisi is an entrepreneur and career CTO/architect. He has developed international standards and protocols, created noteworthy software products, and started and sold technology companies. Tony's passion for innovating is exceeded only by his desire to bring coolness and fun to the broadest possible audience.

Tony's first startup, Intervista Software (1995-1998), developed the first-ever real-time VRML plugin for Internet Explorer, which Microsoft bundled with millions of copies of their browser. His most recent company, Vivaty (2007-2010), created a novel end-to-end virtual world system fully integrated with the web and serving up millions of virtual goods transactions.

Tony is perhaps best known for his work as a pioneer of 3D standards for the web. He is the co-creator of VRML and X3D, ISO standards for networked 3D graphics. He also co-developed SWMP, a real-time messaging protocol for multi-user virtual worlds. Tony continues to build community around innovations in 3D as the co-chair of the WebGL Meetup and a founder of the Rest3D working group.

Today Tony is focused on developing social games, virtual worlds and location-based services as a consultant to San Francisco Bay Area startups. That is, until he starts his next company - which should be very soon now.

twitter: auradeluxe

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