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Images from Karen Marcelo

7:30pm Wednesday
31 July 2013

3101 20th St
San Francisco, CA


FREE ADMISSION But donations ($5-$20) to our hosts would be very much appreciated.
CASH BAR 21+ Wine from Hecker Pass Winery
Snacks from @grilledcheezguy who can take bitcoins in tips!
Cupcakes donated from Cups and Cakes Bakery
Books from RE/Search available!

3101 20th St, SF, CA

Danielle Applestone - Mom, Where Do Batteries Come From...?

Batteries are insane. You take two things that really really want to react (yes, it's fine to use terms like "want" with atoms), and you put them in such a constrained environment that we can moderate the amount of reaction that we allow to happen. But how do we choose what to put in our batteries? I'll tell you how it's done - and I'll show you some beautiful pictures of what I discovered (and what remains unanswered from) when I started cooking with elements.

Dr. Danielle Applestone is CEO of Otherfab, a desktop CNC machine company. Former battery researcher. Mom. Believes that being nice is awesome and that a life spent in service to others is a life worth living.

Tom Longson - The P2P Payment Revolution

Digital cash isn't going anywhere, and the bitcoin network has proved that a global p2p economy is more than a cryptographer's wild dream. Everyone attending will get an opportunity to try out bitcoin and learn a little bit about how it works. It's amazing what can happen when the barriers to banking are removed

Anselm Hook - Wearable Computing and Big Data

Wearable computing and big data will make our current internet seem antique. Technology such as dense 3d scene reconstruction and creating a new shared open voxel map of the world will make blended reality views useful. Big data will make activities such as manual friending of people on facebook obsolete.

Anselm Hook is a programmer who works at Dekko on real time 3d scene reconstruction using unstructured light and recently worked on the movie 'The Zero Theorem'. Prior to that he was at Xerox Parc and in a former life he was a video games programmer.

Star Simpson - Revealing the Mysteries of Google Glass: A Hardware Teardo wn

A descriptive walkthrough of tearing down Google Glass from a finished unit, to its most basic components, and back together again.

Lifelong hardware hacker and tinkerer, Star gets great joy out of taking hardware apart to see how it works, and in sharing knowledge with others.

If you would like to give a presentation in the future or host a dorkbotSF meeting, please contact Karen Marcelo at dorkbotsf [at] dorkbot [dot] org

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