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From Karen Marcelo

7:30pm Wednesday
21 May 2014

1045 22nd Ave
Oakland, CA

FREE ADMISSION But donations ($5-$20) to our hosts would be very much appreciated.

BAR 21+
Noms from @GrilledCheezGuy


1045 22nd Ave
Oakland, CA

Eddie Codel - An Uncritical Examination of the Exploding World of Quadcopter Drones

In this presentation, Eddie examines his year long passion with UAV quadcopters a.k.a. drones. He will share stories of drone construction and destruction, and of aerial media making. Eddie will talk about DIY drone building, stabilized video platforms, autonomous flight control, FPV (first person view) flying and the ever fluid legal landscape. Finally, he will explore what the future may hold for drones and their potential for humanity.

Eddie will have a variety of quadcopters with him that you can try your hand at flying and crashing into walls. It's totally fine, they can handle it!

Eddie Codel is an online video producer, amateur drone pilot and bonafide dork. By day, he helps people broadcast live happenings to the Internet and tell stories using video. Eddie's varied incarnations include live stream consultant, systems engineer, web conference organizer, video blogger, SRL collaborator, aerial cinematographer and drone pilot.

Simon Winder - The Calculating Engine

Inspired by Konrad Zuse and the early relay computers of the 1930s, Simon spent six years constructing a machine to calculate square roots using nothing but electromechanical parts. To bring computing back to a human level, he wanted to create something where the operations were slow and very visible, unlike the modern computers where everything is incredibly fast and hidden. Through flashing lights and rhythmic sounds you can experience the changing elements of all the stages of calculation. The juke-box sized machine handles eight digit numbers with floating point precision, and incorporates 480 relays.

Simon also will say a few words about his next project, ToyIQ.

Simon has a PhD in neuroscience and fifteen years working at Microsoft, mostly in research, inventing new machine learning and computer vision technology. He is now attempting to start his own company

Pete Warden - How You Can Use Computer Vision In Your Own Projects

A guide to building things that can recognize people and objects, with free and easy-to-use software. Teach your computer to see!

Pete Warden has written books for O'Reilly, been sued by Facebook over a data visualization, uncovered an iPhone security hole the NSA were exploiting, works on a lot of open-source software, and generally has a massive amount of fun hacking around.

If you would like to give a presentation in the future or host a dorkbotSF meeting, please contact Karen Marcelo at dorkbotsf [at] dorkbot [dot] org

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