Dorkbot Second Life

People doing strange thing with electricity is the motto of dorkbot. Dorkbot refers to a group of affiliated organizations worldwide that hold meetings of artists, engineers, and designers working in the medium of electronic art. Started by Douglas Repetto in New York (2000).

Dorkbot SL is trying to establish dorkbot meetings in second life a internet-based virtual world, which has now (Jan. 2007) about 2.5 Mio Users. Dorkbot SL wants to explore the new possibilities of the metaverse and tries to establish a platform for a glocal way of creating new connections and collaborations. Meetings are held at rhizomatic, which is a place in Second Life.

>>> FOR UPDATES PLEASE CHECK rhizomatic SL - blog
Dorkbot SL is currently planning a first meeting, so all dorkboters in SL are asked for participation. Please contact us if interested.
Contact avatar in-world (= in SL) is Maximillian Nakamura (yes with two L... it was a typing error..) IM me, if you want.