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next meeting:
1. märz 2005
wagenmeister basel
beginn: 20.00 uhr
eintritt frei!

featuring the loveley and talented:

nicholas collins, chicago, usa:

presenting: 1 or 2 pieces for feedback and live electronics,
including "Pea Soup"
(subtile time shifting creates ragas out of room resonances)
possibly: "The Talking Cure"
(in which a simple computer program
guides a performer and a piano through basic

roland roos, zürich, ch:

presenting: a dj's fellow
The project "a dj's fellow" is the connecting limb between the
and digital world of performance.
jan torpus und niki neecke, basel, ch:

presenting: lifeClipper
lifeClipper is an open air art project. it offers
an audiovisual walking
experience in a virtually enhanced reality.