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Upcoming Event
Dorkbot Dai Tokyo
A final match of DDT - THE Contests

Who will own the Tokyo ?! (in a sense of electricity?)
People doing strange things with electricity,
dorkbot TΩKYΩ invites CONTEST, now.
From 5 minutes free-presentation to unlimited open-contest?!
Let's WIN and LOSE with the spectacular night view of Dai Tokyo?!

6th(Sun), September, 2009
17:00 start

23F, GranTokyo South Tower, RECRUIT South Hall
1 min walk from YAESU-MINAMI Exit of Tokyo station >>map

Admission free

Cosponsored by

Call for CONTEST plans and participants

dorkbot TΩKYΩ invites plans and participants of the CONTEST.
A requirement for contest plan: A few contact with electricity.
People who entry a contest could play anything
what she/he wants within 5 min.
Jury is the audience. Winner will be decided by votes.
Contest will be open in order of entries.
feel free to entry your plan and play!!


An instant major player = monosashi-st on nicovideo
A raid into minor event with a major!!
with un-majored scale, depth, and height!!
Don't miss a few cm dynamism!!

Movie@nicovideo >>
MyList@nicovideo >>

Tatsunori Sakaide

Run a bar metamorphose from 1992

leads to the present without faith

      Kaze Aoshi Dobeino Ueno Kusa Soyogu
                                                             sui sui

Paul Granjon
Paul Granjon was born in France in 1965. He currently lives in Cardiff, United Kingdom. He has worked as a professional artist since 1992, producing videos, installations and performances. He was one of the artists representing Wales in the Venice Biennale 2005. He is currently working on several collaborative projects with artists in Japan, the UK and Australia. More details available at

The PDA noise artist.
Start his career as a noise unit "DoThankANull" under tokyo underground scene.
He also is actively performing as a solo performer "SAM2", an opening act of Shina Ringo tour, a pilot of battle machine performance group "KAIRAI-BUNCH", and a member of un-instrumental improvisational unit "TronOrchestra". He lives in China.


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