dorkbot vancouver




May 10th, 7PM

Meeting place:

IE Creative
1399 Railspur Alley
Granville Island
Vancouver, British Columbia
Canada V6H 4G9

Here is a little background about the speakers and their presentations:

Michael Vandermeer (IE Creative)
Occupation/Passion: Sculptor
Experience and previews work: Physics background, studied art at Emily Carr Institute, Full time
sculptor for 14 years, pictures of my work can be found on our website
The Presentation: Will give tour of latest sculpture (ball machine) located on Granville
Island, will talk about, and demo some processes used in our art practice.

Brett Forsyth
Occupation/Passion: Instructor Vancouver Film School, Sailing and Photography
Experience and previews work: Graduated in 2001 from Capilano College's Applied Information Technology program. Spent the next 3 years as an web developer and freelance developer
The Presentation: Connecting physical interfaces to flash
A short presentation on the increasing proliferation of cheap hardware interfaces that allow people to experiment with tactile interfaces. Demonstrations of the Teleo device connected to flash will be given.

Chris Graham
Occupation/Passion: Self employed in product design, electronics, software. Music especially electronic, 20th century classical, experimental and jazz; Music technology; Astronomy
Experience and previews work: Software design/development for Synex, then Symantec,then Microsoft. Most recently, ten years with Microsoft as lead designer for Excel and Office. Retired to pursue other interests. I've long been into electronic music, first electronic, now softsynths. I've played and hacked all sorts of wind controllers, although not as a performer.
The Presentation: The state of the art in electronic wind instruments has
stalled and the the research I will describe has been to achieve
breakthroughs that are long overdue, and make them available as products at
affordable prices. I will show a prototype of "The Photon Wind Instrument"
which is a modular, soft configurable wind instrument with a
multidimensional optical embouchure and oral cavity sensor. Uses include as
a multidimensional breath controller for keyboard or guitar, and also as an
instrument playable with a range of techniques including harmonica,
trombone, trumpet, theremin, whistling, four pad percussion controller, and
others not resembling any existing instrument.

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Welcome to dorkbot-van, the Vancouver-based meeting of artists (sound/image/ movement/whatever), designers, engineers, students and other interested parties… who are involved in the creation of electronic art (in the broadest sense of the term.)

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Speakers and performers are announced both via these pages and our dorkbotvan mailing lists.

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