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:: dorkbot vienna #4 - bre pettis - november 28, 2007 / 8:30 PM @ metalab
hosted by monochrom (j grenzfurthner)
:: brain machine
:: bre pettis will be showing the brain machine. this is a project that mitch altman put together and it's a brain wave machine that flashes leds and binaural audio to brute force your brain to achieve different brain wave states. pretty much everyone halucinates in some way. a meditation sequence is programmed in, but the whole program is open source, so you can make it do whatever you like. it's built on lady ada's minipov3 and i'll have one for you to try out and i'll have the parts for one to give away so that someone can build it to have on hand at metalab. if someone's got an eeg, it might be fun to bring it along and see it's effectiveness. don't try this out if you have epilepsy.

(video of bre's entire dorkbot vienna talk)

(puls tv vienna report, german)

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