people doing strange things with electricity


"Home Improvement" by Brendan Shanahan, GQ Australia, April/May 2012
Article about diy technology, modding, etc., with a focus on dorkbot: online

"Techies and Futurists Meet, Mingle at Dorkbot" by Jennifer Mills, The Measure (The L Magazine blog), 08 February 2012
Write up of February dokbot-nyc meeting: online

"Sobre bizarrismo electrónico" por Adrián Pino, Blog Hanger, Febrero 2012
Entrevista con Álex Posada y Antonia Folguera, organizadores de dorkbot-barcelona: online

"The Beauty of being a dork" by Yoda, Service Center (Service Center for Contemporary Culture and Community's blog), 19 December 2011
Blog post about dorkbot-indy: online

"Du bist die Fabrik" by Tobias Moorstedt, Süddeutsche Zeitung (German national newspaper), April 2010
Article on small scale fabrication, featuring dorkbot-aachen regulars: online or local pdf copy

"dorkbot-nyc Wins Again" by Joanna Burgess, Nerdabout (Discovery Channel's blog), 09 October 2009
A report on the October dorkbot-nyc meeting: online

"WDR Lokalzeit Aachen - TV Beitrag", WDR (local TV station), 03 September 2009
Local TV report on dorkbot-aachen: online mp4 video

"Dorkbot - Doing 'Strange Things with Electricity' from New York to Linz" by Jonathan David Farley, bridges, vol. 21, April 2009
An account of the re-inauguration of dorkbot-linz: online

"Interview de Douglas Repetto" by Anne Laforet,, 21 April 2009
Interview with Douglas in Paris: online

"All the fun of the Dorkbot fair" by Darren Waters, BBC News, 15 Mar 09
Post about BBC reporter visiting dorkbot at SXSW: online

"creative electronic community" by Alistair Riddell, Read Time Arts, issue 89
Review of the dorkbot-canberra year end exhibition of works: online

"Computer Interface Makes 19th-Century Pipe Organ Rock" by Gareth Edwards, Xcell Journal, first quarter, 2009
Account of the "Waldflöte" robotic pipe organ project undertaken by dorkbot peeps in Scottland: online

The website of the French newspaper Liberation has published many stories about dorkbot-paris: online

"Arduino-controlled two-motor walker" by Gareth Branwyn, Make Blog, 15 December, 2008
Shout out to Richard Sewell's project presented at dorkbot-bristol: online

"Encuentro de robots artistas" por Silvana Burgell, La Diaria (Uruguay), 21 November, 2008
Newspaper article about dorkbot-mvd (Montevideo): scan

"See my Franken-toaster?" by Nadja Sayej, The Globe and Mail, 19 September, 2008
Story on dorkbot meetings in Canada: online

"DORKBOT" by Vern Graner, Nuts & Volts, August, 2008
General dorkbot article with a focus on dorkbot-austin: online

"How I learned to stop worrying and love the hackers" by Carla Diana, interactions, Volume 15, Number 2 (spring 2008)
Article about DIY/hacker "movement": online (requires subscription)

"SXSW: Playing With Electricity at Dorkbot Austin" by Jenna Wortham, Wired - underwire, 10 March, 2008
Post about dorkbot-austin @ SXSW: online

"Dorkbot creates local 'electronics community'" by Jennifer Quinn, Boulder County Business Report, 15 February 2008
Article on dorkbot-303 (Colorado): online

"Dorks Try to Mingle in New York" by Ian Chillag, NPR, 7 February, 2008
Radio story on a reporter's visit to a dorkbot-nyc meeting: online

"Duelo al sol <>" por Por Nilo Casares, ABC, Oct 13, 2007
Article on dorkbot Montevideo that also mentions Madrid, Valencia and Ciudad de Mexico: online

"Dorkbot weds art and science" by Niki Sullivan, The News Tribune, May 28, 2007
Article on dorkbot-tac (Tacoma): online

"Getting your geek on" by Michael Machosky, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, January 25, 2007
Article on dorkbot-pgh (Pittsburgh): online

《奇思妙想キ「源地》, CG Magzine, China, Nov, 2006
Article in a Chinese magazine on dorkbot-bj (Beijing): pdf

"'Dorkbot surfaces at U, mixing technology and art", The Minnesota Daily, January 22, 2007
Article on the first dorkbot-msp (Minneapolis/St. Paul) meeting: online

"BEST! GEEK! CITIES!", Wired, January, 2007
Wired ranked cities on their geekiness and used the number of dorkbot attendees as one of the metrics: online, jpeg scan

"Hearts of Dorkness" by Rachel Beckman, The Washington Post, December 21, 2006
Article on dorkbot-dc: online

rocket boom, 7 September, 2006
Video blog segment on a dorkbot-nyc meeting: online

"Electrical Overlord" by Jeremy Smerd, Columbia Magazine, Summer 2006
Short article about dorkbot's connection to Columbia University and the Computer Music Center: jpeg scan

"Get your dork on" by Sarah Frank, The Austin American Statesman, June 2006
Article about the first dorkbot-austin meeting: online

"Cómo hacer cosas raras con electricidad" por Noa de la Torre, La Razón, mayo 2006
article about dorkbot-bcn at La Séptima edición del Festival de Investigación Artística de Valencia Observatori: png scan part 1 (5MB) png scan part 2 (10MB)

"Plugged in" by Noah Davis, Time Out New York, April 2006
dorkbot-nyc preview: online

"The Geek Mind Behind Dorkbot" by Rachel Metz, Wired News, April 2006
Interview/podcast with Douglas: online

"'Dorkbot' Meetings Develop Cult Following" By Desmond Butler, Associated Press, April 2006
AP article about a dorkbot-nyc meeting: online

"London Dorkfest", Deutche Wella Newslink Plus, April 2006
The story about dorkbot-london's "Dorkfest" starts about 45 minutes into the program. Features Saul talking with a funny accent!: online

"Dorkbot la revanche des nerds" by Marie Lechner, Libération, March 2006
According to Saul (dorkbot-london), this is a "partially fictional short story about dorkfest london". The Babelfish translation is hilarious, and includes the wonderful phrase: "Dorkbot (dork for "poor guy", and club-footed for automat)." online

"Dorkbot inicia en Madrid sesiones alternativas de artistas y 'hackers'" by Adolfo Estalella, El Pais, 4 November, 2004
Article about dorkbot-madrid. online, photo

"TECHNICAL KNOCK-OUTS" by Ben Davis, artnet Magazine, 24 January, 2006
Nice review of a dorkbot-nyc meeting. online

"A king, a judge, a robot and lots of dorks" By Andisheh Nouraee, Creative Loafing, 18 January 2006
A dork-obsessed reporter covers dorkbot-atl's first meeting. online

"When Art and Science Collide, a Dorkbot Meeting Begins" By Brian Braiker, New York Times, 17 January 2006
Nice article about dorkbot in the NYTimes Science Times section. With photos! online, jpeg

"This Is No Two-Bit Music Player" by Rachel Metz, Wired News, 15 Sept. 2005
Write up of Tristan Perich's "One Bit Music" presentation at dorkbot-nyc: online

"Just Between Us Girls" by Regina Lynn, Wired News, 27 May 2005
Preview of a dorkbot-sf meeting: online

"Fur Gehirn und Gemut" by Annina Zimmermann, Regioartline Kunstmagazin, 2 March 2005
A nice review of a dorkbot-swiss meeting: online

"dorkbot: Warehouse of wild, weird, and wonderful projects." by David Pescovitz, Make Magazine, Volume 1
A short article focusing on dorkbot-sf: jpeg

Reviews of the "People Doing Strange Things with Electricity II @ CoCA" show in Seattle.

"Feelings, Wo, Wo, Wo, 'Filn'" by Rachel Metz, Wired News, January 11, 2005
Article about Jason Van Anden's dorkbot-nyc presentation of his game Farklempt: online.

"Scientific Discovery, Midtown and Downtown" by Gary Shapiro, The New York Sun, January 7-9, 2005
Short column about a dorkbot-nyc meeting and Michelle Rosenberg's work: jpg

"Notes From Academe" by Daniel Engber, The Chronicle of Higher Education, December 3, 2004
A dorkbot profile: jpg (with images) pdf (no images)

"Messing with Microsoft: Alexei Shulgin's WIMP", res magazine, July/August 2004
A brief mention of the Runme-Dorkbot City Camp: res magazine cover, res magazine article

"Dept. of Invention: Incomprehensible", The New Yorker, June 7, 2004
dorkbot in The Talk of the Town!: web, jpg

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