Next Meeting

November 9 , 2006 - 8:00PM
Cafe Mundi, 1704 East 5th St.


Meeting 1 - June 8, 2006 Presentations

  • Bob Sabiston, the programmer/animator behind the trippy animation technology for Richard Linklater's films Waking Life and A Scanner Darkly debuted his latest invention: an art/animation homebrew application for the Nintendo DS game system;
  • Phil Mancutt demonstrated his homemade Theremin that?s encased in a vintage 1984 Macintosh computer case; and
  • Craig Newswanger fired off his Tesla Coil and Jacob?s Ladder (think of the electrified gizmos in Frankenstein movies).
  • djkdh produced and DJ'd the night's music
  • During Open Dork, Grey Mack demonstrated his LED wand

Photos can be found on Flickr

Meeting 3

  • Zack Booth Simpson - <> — interactive art installations extraordinaire!
  • Jerry Chamkis and his you-have-to-see-it-to-believe-it Kosmophone <> — a midi music synthesizer plugged directly into the cosmos!
  • Student Film Showcase TV <> — pod casting how-tos from students no less!
  • Greg Most of Waxploitation! DJs — a live Trekkie DJ. We kid you not!

Meeting 4

  • Kym Graner's S.U.V. (Shy Ultra Violet Mechanical) Flower, complete with sound effects and human interaction.
  • Denise Scioli & P.Y. Hung's Mechanical Flower — a large (nearly five-feet tall) industrial restaurant-supply inspired mechanical flower sporting light sequences and patterns set to music and sound effects.
  • Alan Watts’ Mikons — the first online vector drawing tool discussed and demoed by its creator.
  • And special musical guest this month, Attic Ted — demented carnie music with hydrocephalic old man head masks.