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ARTIST: Diana Vanderhoef

TITLE: Solder Repurposed: A Sculpture

previous work in solder by Diana Vanderhoef

MATERIALS: Solder, electronics

DIMENSIONS: approx. 1' cube

DATE: 2007

DESCRIPTION: Solder is normally used in electronics to connect components in a rigidly defined process. But on my time I use it as a sculpting medium. Exploring the melting/freezing of metal to create shapes using only a soldering iron. For this project, the organic shapes will be part of an electronic circuit involving blinking lights.

STATEMENT: A lifelong love of miniatures and my career in electronics has led to the wonderful world of creating multi-themed solder sculptures, limited only, or perhaps embellished by, a vivid and quirky imagination.

Diana Vanderhoef
Lynwood, WA
diana.vanderhoef AT


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