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ARTIST: Rolf van Widenfelt

TITLE: FiveByEight

photo of one component of the piece

MATERIALS: White acrylic sheet, LED matrix, custom electronics.

DIMENSIONS: 5 components, 7" x 7" x 1" each

DATE: 2007

DESCRIPTION: "FiveByEight" is a wall-mounted light sculpture and is named after the number and arrangement of a grid of illuminated pixels. With its eye-catching scrolling action, it compels the viewer to assemble a larger message from specifically timed patterns that appear on its display. The piece is an exploration of the largely unconscious and automatic nature of this assembly process.

FiveByEight also references older communication mediums such as ticker tape and Morse code. By dishing out information in a fixed-time manner, these mediums created a sense of anticipation and expectation. This piece attempts to recreate this sense. Hopefully, viewers will find FiveByEight to be a refreshing alternative to the now ubiquitous scrolling LED signs.

STATEMENT: Although my educational background is in Computer Science and Engineering, I am very interested in the interface between technology and art. Along this interface, there seems to be many unexplored territories.

With FiveByEight, I am exploring the territory of low resolution communications, as well as testing viewer expectations of time.

Rolf van Widenfelt
Oakland, CA
rolfvw AT pizzicato DOT com


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