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ARTIST: Laura MacCary


photo of some sugar bugs

MATERIALS: Sugar, electronics, fiber.

DIMENSIONS: several 2"-3" long pieces

DATE: 2007

DESCRIPTION: "Bugs" made of cast sugar containing LEDs and custom electronics. The viewer is invited to pick one up gently and hold it. A sensor inside the bug detects that it has been picked up and starts a red LED "heart" beating, as if the bug were afraid. When the viewer lays the bug back down, the sensor detects this and the heart fades. I see this as making the viewer take time to realize that even a creature as lowly as a bug can feel fear and can be "sweet", which is not how we generally think of them.

STATEMENT: Laura is an artist working with fiber, electronics, and sometimes other media. She has exhibited work in the last two People Doing Strange Things with Electricity shows, as well as other places. She occasionally works in collaboration with her father Lawrence MacCary.

Laura MacCary
Tacoma, WA
laura AT


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