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ARTIST: Leta Evaskus

TITLE: Untitled

one of the photographs

MATERIALS: Stained glass & clear glass, wire mesh, Kodalith photographic image, clock mechanisms, aluminum shades.

DIMENSIONS: multiple pieces

DATE: 2000

DESCRIPTION: The images in "Untitled" are printed on Kodalith, a high contrast, black and white copy film, and are sandwiched between clear and stained glass. The stained glass creates visual movement and gives color to the images. I soldered the glass into a wire mesh box to suspend them 4 inches from the wall. There are two lights hidden inside each box that project onto the wall behind the image in two cones. Hand made shades powered by clock mechanisms pass in front of the lights to change the quality and direction of light that make the image visible. The light flickers as the shade passes in front of it, in a mesmerizing gradual dimming and brightening like the sun setting and rising.

STATEMENT: Lying, staring up at a back lit leaf on a tree during the duration of an afternoon; I was struck by the subtle variation of details revealed depending on the position of the sun. The sun rises to reveal, and sets to hide. I wanted to recreate this experience in my art work. What do we reveal and hide within ourselves? People tend to hide painful experiences and reveal joyful experiences. I photographed women in poses of contraction and expanse. Contraction brings to mind the internal, what is hidden, while expansive poses give light to the external. Movement such as breathing, twisting and untwisting of the body was emphasized.

Leta Evaskus
Seattle, WA
leta.eva AT


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