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ARTIST: Shelly Farnham

TITLE: Electric Scrying Pool

artist's conceptual sketch for the piece

MATERIALS: Resin, acrylic, water, projector.

DIMENSIONS: 10' x 10', freestanding

DATE: 2007

DESCRIPTION: Ask the scrying pool what is your future, see how yours melds with those around you. The scrying pool randomly selects and mixes oracle messages, emerging from words projected onto a pool with clear resin oracle heads.

STATEMENT: I am one third artist, one third technologist, and one third psychologist. These three areas of interest have recently gelled into a series of projects that seek to explore through technology the human inclination to read personal meaning into randomly generated ambiguous statements -- otherwise known as "magical thinking" . The Scrying Pool is the latest in this series of projects. You may learn more about my art and my career with social technology at my website.

Shelly Farnham
Seattle, WA
shelly AT


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