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ARTIST: Stacey Farrar

TITLE: Consumer Conquest

photo of one of the pieces

MATERIALS: Latex, custom electronics.

DIMENSIONS: variable

DATE: 2007

DESCRIPTION: Latex casts of piles of consumer items repeatedly inflate and deflate in a slow breathing pattern. The piles are formed from toys, cell phones, model cars, train building sets and other items.

STATEMENT: Everything ever bought by anyone eventually ends up in a pile. Piles of T.V.s, cell phones, outmoded computers, snap together furniture, all a result of our consumer lifestyle. Commercials and print ads instill a level of incompleteness; without these products, a must have if you are part of our society. What happens with all the stuff when it loses its appeal or another ad suggests we need the next bigger and better item?

"Consumer Conquest": Like the Gigolo/Playa who must use and have sex with as many and the most attractive women he can find. Whole groups of Americans feel the same way about items you find at IKEA, Macy’s, Target or Wal-Mart. How many consumer items can I violate in a weekend or any typical Saturday? The lust for stuff to fill my residence is insatiable.

What is the time frame from the moment of purchase until the item is just another piece of junk that should go in a garage sale? This idea of endless consumerism and the resulting pile of stuff that is accumulated has interested me for some time.

Stacey Farrar
Bellevue, WA
xfarrar AT


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