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ARTIST: Dan Greenberg

TITLE: Seven Frozen Fish

artist's conceptual sketch of the piece

MATERIALS: Cast aluminum, copper tubes, compressor/condenser unit, R-134 refrigerant.

DIMENSIONS: 24" in diameter

DATE: 2007

DESCRIPTION: "Seven Frozen Fish" describes a new cycle in circle of life. The fish are the next step beyond farmed fish. The continued research into our food chain has corrupted the origins of nature and integrated common species with common industrial hardware.

Fish that school together, freeze together.

STATEMENT: My career as a mechanical engineer and technologist has brought me in to contact with an array of components that I have been able to realize as assorted sculpture. Through my art I seek to integrate distinct form and commercial techniques to drive interactive industrial sculpture. Using methods and materials gleaned from a variety of professional and creative settings, including my current involvement with the 4710 Foundry Collective in Ballard, I have begun to find my voice. With continual integration of form and function, expansion of my art will focus on a body of work based in refrigeration of assorted forms to draw attention to our continually evolving merger between nature and technology.

Dan Greenberg
Seattle, WA
dngreenberg AT


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