people doing strange things with electricity
(south florida style)
dorkbot-sofla is the south florida node of
dorkbot-sofla is a place where people interested in the convergence of modern technologies and artistic/social endeavors.  we are new media/graphic/video artists, composers, choreographers, programmers, engineers, djs, gadget junkies, bot-heads, and so on.
dorkbot-sofla meetings are free and open to all interested comers.
dorkbot-sofla is a place where you can get information about events, calls for works, new technologies and techniques, and where you can share the same.
dorkbot-sofla is facilitated by tim thompson of palm beach atlantic university.  please send questions or items of interest to other dorkbotters to
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participate! we are taking submissions for presentations for the next and future meetings.  if you are interested, please email me at
share the cool stuff you find!  send items of interest to be posted in the news blog to
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