the first meeting (as dorkbot-wpb) on may 13 was lightly attended.  there were enough of us to discuss future options.  we decided to move the location and make the group regional, hence the change to dorkbot-sofla.
the scheduled september meeting has been postponed. we will get it going again soon. please stay tuned, and offer some assistance!
wanna present? (see sidebar)  let me know.
Q & A
can i please be a dorkbot and come to your way-cool meetings?
  1. that depends... are you part of the general public?  oh, well then, yes!  you are formally invited to attend as long as you adhere to the dorky decorum--you know, stuff like being civil and constructive, adding to the greater good rather than detracting from it, etc.  diversity is key--there probably is not anyone too unique to fit in!
  2. what kinds of things can I propose to present at a meeting?
  3. meetings are not concerts, art shows, or a venue for demos commercial software and hardware.  that said, we want to see/hear/try out your work!  presentations could be a demonstration of your latest ekg-driven painting machine, a discussion of your thesis chapter on “ufo-tracking technology contributions to granular synthesis,” or your latest techniques for live-coding your robot through his aerobic workout.
  4. For ideas about presentation topics, check out some of the other dorkbot sites from the main page.