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Dorkbot sthlm is a part of the global network of free artists/designers/students etc who are interested in creating digital/electronic art, artifacts, exploring technologies and/or creativity. It can involve video, sound, physical objects, robots, etc etc. Dorkbots as open and informal forums have been created in over 60 cities around the world, and counting. The idea was born in New York for 5 years ago... for more info see dorkbot.org/dorkbotnyc. For FAQs see dorkbot.org/dorkbotnyc/FAQ.shtml/
dorkbot sthlm will eventually develop into whatever its participants want. There is no commercial or political agenda, everybody is welcome!"


Creative Room for Art and Computing (CRAC) is a digital media workshop 
located in Stockholm, Sweden. CRAC operates as an interdisciplinary 
platform, and as an embassy for rethinking how new media can and should be 



Ersta Konsthall opened in May 2006 and is located at Erstagatan 21, Stockholm. It is directed - partly as an investigation of institutional structures - by artist Linus Elmes.

For archives and program please visit: www.erstakonsthall.se 






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