dorkbot-cleveland REVIVAL Meeting!

will hold it's first revival meeting on Sunday, November 23th, 2008 at 7PM. **Oops!  So we were perhaps a little too ambitious, trying to set up right around the holidays. Now that it is the new year (and I can ask for specific days off!) it is time to refocus our energies and get this group moving.  There are so many creative and insanly smart people in Cleveland! Let's get organized!

More information to come as soon as it is received!

Our first revival meeting will be very informal, mainly to judge interest, meet the interested and to figure out which direction the people of cleveland want to take the group. So bring ideas, dreams, contraptions, interesting tidbits, and your voice. 

dorkbot-cleveland presents a free, informal gathering of artists, engineers and programmers in the greater-Cleveland area, to show their work, be inspired and create a vibrant community. 

If you would like to be informed of future meetings, please join our mailing list. To present at dorkbot-cleveland, please contact the Cleveland dorkbot-cle moderator, Annie Foster.


dorkbot-cle was originally started in November 2006 by Chris Yewell of Ingenuity Festival.  As it happens all too often, good things come to pass and dorkbot-cle took a hiatus.  A new few have decided that it is time to give dorkbot-cle another chance.  We hope to continue where Chris left off both embracing and encouraging the growth and collaboration between artists and engineers in the area.  Much thanks to Chris for the original inspiration and website!

dorkbot the national organization was formed by Douglas Repetto of Columbia University's Computer Music Center.  Great thanks to Douglas for all of his help and to Columbia University for the web space.

dorkbot-cle first revival meeting:
Is in the air.  For now follow us on Twitter or just introduce yourself to the mailing list.

Reading list:
"Handmade Electronic Music"
"Physical Computing"
"Make" magazine
"Robot Programming: A Practical Guide to Behavior-Based Robotics"
(see Resources for details)

Come speak at dorkbot-cle:
We are looking for presenters for future meetings.

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