dorkbot-cle Resources


Physical Computing
by O'Sullivan & Igoe (2004, Thomson Course Technology)
Sensing and controlling the physical world with computers.

Robot Programming: A Practical Guide to Behavior-Based Robotics
by Jones & Roth (2003, McGraw-Hill)
History and theory behind behavior-based programming.. teaches skills needed for programming..

Handmade Electronic Music: The Art of Hardware Hacking
by Nicolas Collins (2006, Routledge)
Provides a long-needed, practical, and engaging introduction for students of electronic music, installation and sound-art to the craft of making--as well as creatively cannibalizing--electronic circuits for artistic purposes.

Control Systems for Live Entertainment, second edition
by John Huntington (2000, Focal Press)
"If you're interested in how control systems and computers are used in the live entertainment arena, then John Huntington's latest book will not disappoint."- Lighting and Sound International, December 2000

Building Scientific Apparatus, third edition
by Moore, Davis & Coplan (2003, Perseus Books)
Utilizing original drawings and examples, this book refines technical jargon to help scientists understand and create the apparatus and mechanisms fundamental to their studies.

The Exploratorium Cookbooks Vol I, II, II
by Raymond & Hipschman (1976, '80, '87, The Exploratorium)
"Recipes" for more than 200 interactive exhibits on light, sound, electricity, magnetism, perception and plant and animal behavior. For sale to nonprofit organizations only. $125 each.

Robot Builder's Sourcebook
by Gordon McComb (2003, McGraw-Hill)
A comprehensive listing (with address, phone numbers, web sites) of over 2500 suppliers and manufacturers of robot components, materials, tools, and much more.

The Art of Electronics
by Horowitz & Hill (1989, Cambridge Univ. Press)
'Far and away the finest book on the subject of electronics ... in the last decade. I cannot recommend this book highly enough to anyone whose research or experiments require some electronics.' Optical Engineering