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ARTIST: Eunsu Kang

TITLE: Hu ()_Larynxians

photo of the piece from a previous installation

MATERIALS: Video and sound installation.

DIMENSIONS: 10' widths of two opposite walls

DATE: 2007

DESCRIPTION: Hu in Korean means the olfactory sense as well as an onomatopoeic word of exhaling. The projection of smell, sound and light are non-material touches, that I call the organs of transmission, which hybridized into human body that generate a cyborg communication. Hu()_Larynxians evokes multi sensorial experience. Hu()_Larynxians shows a figure with slow, meditative dance on the wall. Every once in a while a sound resembling wind moves from the wall to the opposite side. Simultaneously, the reversed video image appears on the opposite wall at the moment of the sound's arrival. The figure in the video, a larynxian, is perceptually transmitted with the wind.

Larynxians is one of Kang's imaginary species with a unique communication method. Alien, metaphorically inaudible speech and new forms of communication are recurrent themes of my artwork. It has been explored through interactive media art projects and site-specific video installations giving participants immersive experiences.

STATEMENT: Eunsu Kang is an international media artist from Seoul, Korea. For last ten or more years, she has been known as a visual artist, a movie director and a graphic designer and has been invited to numerous shows around the world. In addition to her three awarded solo exhibitions she has received many awards, including the Korean National Fund for Emerging Artists which supported her collaborative international telematic project, Seonang in 2005. She was introduced as one of the most promising young artists in the book, Young Korean Artists 45: Interviews in 2006. Her life as an innovative artist in Seoul, a very crowded metropolis of the country with high speed internet access everywhere, and her MFA and MA in Media Arts and Technology degrees gave her chances to explore various materials and technologies. Currently she is focusing on more genuine use of sound, body and space to enhance immersive art experiences as a PhD student at the Center for Digital Arts and Experimental Media (DXARTS) in the University of Washington. Her current research interests center on the use of non-verbal languages as a part of cyborg communication and interactive audiovisual installations representing questions, but not necessarily pursuing answers.

Eunsu Kang
DXARTS, University of Washington
Seattle, WA
Eunsu Kang AT


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