People doing strange things with electricity (Toronto Franchise)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is dorkbot-Toronto?
See our "What is Dorkbot-Toronto" page.

What's the format?
Dorkbot-Toronto meetings generally start with 20-minute presentations by invited speakers followed by a discussion period. The topics are chosen by the speakers and can range from brainstorming ideas and concepts to working on a specific piece of technology.

What does it cost?
Just your time. Dorkbot-Toronto events are free and open to the public.

Who will be there?
People from the Toronto area who are interested in:

  1. Hearing presentations by Toronto artists, theorists, and tinkers.
  2. Meeting others interested in creative uses of electricity.
  3. Discussing creative ideas and strategies.

What will I get to do?
You get to

  1. Listen
  2. Talk
  3. Network
  4. Share electrocution experiences

Why did you start Dorkbot-Toronto?
We started Dorkbot-Toronto so that people in the Toronto area interested in art and technology would have a meeting place where they could learn about, discuss and work on creative projects.

So how is Dorkbot-Toronto different from an Artist Talk?
Artist talks are generally organized by a gallery or educational institution and are more formal where a single artist presents their past work and achievements. Dorkbot events, while sometimes in a gallery space, are informal and quite unrelated to its host space. It is also an event where hands-on work can be explored and multiple discussions are encouraged.

What if I want to speak or present my project at a Dorkbot-Toronto?
Send an email to and tell us why and what you want to present. Keep in mind that after the presentations, it's pretty much open so you are welcome to bring your ideas/projects in and engage in discussion with other participants.



Dorkbot-Toronto is always free and open to the public.
For more information, email