People doing strange things with electricity (Toronto Franchise)

What is dorkbottoronto?

We are the Toronto chapter of the international dorkbot network - "people doing strange things with electricity".

Dorkbot-Toronto seeks to explore all uses of technology in the development and discussion of art and creative exercise. This can involve practices ranging from virtual and interactive art to video and audio landscapes. Dorkbot-Toronto is meant to be an informal and collaborative environment where anyone can drop in, listen to presentations, and meet people for future collaborations. We try to bring together people from diverse backgrounds to explore ideas of hybridization and interdisciplinary projects, as well as perform open investigations into electronics and code.

Meetings are generally held every six Thursday evenings and include presentations by three invited speakers with ample time for discussion by participants afterwards. They take place in the studio at InterAccess Electronic Media Arts Centre, a gallery and production facility devoted exclusively to the exploration of art and science/technology.

Dorkbot-Toronto is always free and open to the public.

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Also see the Dorkbot Toronto FAQ.



Dorkbot-Toronto is always free and open to the public.
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