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Artists making technology
Technology making art
Celebrate the opening night
of strange things with us

Saturday, December 8th
DJs, VJs, bar and one-night installations
7pm-2am; 21+

911 Media Arts
409 9th Ave N
Seattle, WA 98109

Admission: $10
Proceeds to benefit 911 Media Arts Center

One-night installations
* Divide's BabelGun: Delaying, remixing live voices to prevent communication.
* Scott David's Metamorphosis: Allowing guests to experience the world as an insect.

* binarymillenium
* Alan Altman's Amended Complaint
* Real time animation from Joseph Gray, the resident visualist of the improvisation oriented Monktail Creative Music Concern

7 - Brendan Browne [DJ Blue] downtempo, jazzy breaks
8:30 - Alison [Menami] minimal techno
9:45 - Levi Clark [Levi] minimal/electro/techno
11 - Aaron Higgins [DJ Transistor] progressive house
12:30 - Jake Perrine [DJ Spire] down/midtempo electronic

Experience visual art
and installations by

Accelerator Group  *  Bill Beaty  *  Doug Bell  *  Joe Benner  *  Michele Boland  *  CCRT  *  Rebecca Cummins  *  Scott David  *  Shannon Eakins  *  Leta Evaskus  *  Shelly Farnham  *  Stacey Farrar  *  Dan Greenberg  *  Eunsu Kang  *  Jeff Larson  *  Laura MacCary  *  Lawrence MacCary  *  Mark Malmberg  *  Marcell Marias  *  Mike McCracken  *  Eric McNeill  *  Chris O'Dowd  *  Toby Paddock & Jon Krug  *  Diana Vanderhoef  *  Rolf van Widenfelt  *  Xander Hudson & Seth Shumway

DASEIN studio 911 Media Arts, 402 9th Ave N 98109 Wear electricity!
Bring a robotic date!

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